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What does a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine do?

They assess and treat the foot by surgical and non-surgical methods and various technologies to restore maximum pain relief and function.

Do I need a referral from my family doctor?

No, in Ontario, Doctors of Podiatric Medicine are primary care practitioners and do not require a referral.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, all patients require an appointment. We will always do our best to accommodate an appointment time or day and may be able to offer same day appointments. In the case of emergency, we will do our best to see the patient the same day.

Will OHIP cover my service, treatment or orthotics?

No, OHIP does not reimburse us for our treatments, however, many insurance companies have coverage for Podiatry/Chiropody. It is always wise to check your insurance coverage for Podiatry/Chiropody ahead of your appointment.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Bring insurance card, any X-ray/MRI/CT disc, reports from specialists for related issue.

Why can't I just buy typical inserts from a store?

Over the Counter inserts are made of a fairly soft and cushioning material and provide little to no support or biomechanical correction. The device will not contour your foot particularly well, because its designed as a one size insert to fit the average foot. It may provide slight cushioning and hopefully should do no harm, but will do nothing to provide the support, comfort or correction that a custom orthotic, made from medical grade materials and leathers and obtained from an actual cast will provide.

How do your services differ from other podiatrists/chiropodists?

Ron Barron is only the 3rd Doctor of Podiatric Medicine in Barrie and the first in 20 years. He brings tremendous knowledge and experience in the areas of foot orthotic and other lower extremity orthotic devices. Ron has advanced knowledge and training in the areas of wound care and limb salvage, with a special interest in surgery.

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