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We offer a number of custom-made orthotics, tailor made for you.

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Fungal Nail Treatment

Solutions for if you find your toenails to be discoloured, brittle or broken.

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Bunion Pain

If you’re experiencing discomfort and pain from a bunion, give us a visit.

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Ingrown Toenails

If ingrown toenails are left unattended, they can become severely infected.

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Planter Fasciitis

A swollen or irritated plantar fascia is a common cause of heel pain.

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Diabetic Foot Care

Those living with diabetes can develop various foot problems.

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Foot neuroma is the result of repetitive compression or irritation

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Sports Injuries

It goes without saying that no matter the game, your mobility is important.

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Children can experience many of the same orthopedic issues adults do.

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Other Foot Conditions

there are a wide range of conditions that can bring pain and discomfort.

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